WenBin Du

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 Biomicrofluidics Group

         Principal Investigator
         Dr. Wenbin Du

     Tel/Fax:+86 (0) 10-8299 4175

       Lab: +86 (0) 10-8299 4195



Address: [map]
Institute of Microbiology
Chinese Academy of Science
No.7 Beitucheng West Road, Room G-303
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029 China


Research Field

Microfluidics, Microbiology and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Research Interests

Our research spans a broad range of Microbiology, Microfluidics, and Bioengineering.  We are developing microfluidic tools to explore and understand the diversity and functions of microbial communities.  We use droplet microfluidics for high-throughput screening using single bacterial cells in nanoliter to picoliter volumes. Our goal is to realize single bacterial cell acquisition, cultivation, manipulation and identification in an integrated and automated workflow.  Using these platforms, we are interested in the isolation and detection of rare microbes and extremophiles from the environment, and we are also applying them on early diagnosis of rare pathogen infection.  We are also intested in further development of “Lab-on-a-Chip” systems for microbiological research, specifically in the integration of fluidic regulators, detectors, imaging systems, and interfacing microfluidic devices with instrumental analysis methods.

Our current ongoing projects include:

  1. Single cell isolation and cultivation in droplet array
  2. Bacterial chemotaxis in microfluidic devices
  3. isolation and multiplex PCR identification of bacterial cells from clinical samples
  4. Interface microfluidic macromolecules separation with MALDI-TOF MS


Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Wenbin Du, Ph.D.


Email: wenbin(at)im.ac.cn


06/2002 B. Sc. in Chemistry (Zhejiang University, China)
09/2002-06/2007Ph. D. in Chemistry (Zhejiang University, China) with Prof. Zhaolun Fang and Prof. Qun Fang

Professional Experience
09/2007-08/2011 Postdoctoral Fellow (The University of Chicago) with Prof. Rustem F. Ismagilov
09/2011-03/2013 Principle Investigator, Renmin University of China, Department of Chemistry
03/2013-Present Professor, State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources, The Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Permanent staff

Peng Xu

Ph.D. assistant professor
Research field: Separation and analysis of biological macromolecules
Email: xup(at)im.ac.cn


Graduate Students


Dongyang Cai

Graduate student, 2011

Email: dongyangcai1988(at)163.com


Shujun Wang

Graduate student, 2011

Email: shujun_ruc(at)126.com


Libing Dong

Ph.D. student, 2012
Email: mengxiang17(at)163.com


Chaohua Shen

Graduate student, 2012
Email: xssch1(at)163.com


Zengjun Jin

Ph.D. student, 2013
Email: jinteng118(at)163.com


Mengyue Nie

Graduate student, 2013


Qiaolian Yi
Undergraduate Student 2010




Selective Publications

(1) Shen, F.; Sun, B.; Kreutz, J. E.; Davydova, E. K.; Du, W. B.; Reddy, P. L.; Joseph, L. J.; Ismagilov, R. F.*, Multiplexed Quantification of Nucleic Acids with Large Dynamic Range Using Multivolume Digital RT-PCR on a Rotational SlipChip Tested with HIV and Hepatitis C Viral Load, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011, 133, 17705.
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